WHAT Is ProVanax™

You're reading this because you probably want to make a positive change in how you feel:

  • being happier
  • improving mood
  • more confidence
  • excited about life

And maybe you also want to reduce (& avoid) negative feelings of:

  • worry & doubt
  • frustration & stress
  • anxiety & panic attacks
  • hopeless & depressed

And if you're like me, the extra stress, worry and responsibilities in life, is probably causing you to not sleep well, and you'd like to help make improvements here as well.

stress insomnia

Lastly, you probably want a natural, effective and verified solution, that's easy and safe to use*... One that produces fast results (in just a few days)ˆˆ.

Proven & Scientifically Studied

The great news is that ProVanax's 19+ year proven natural formula can help you achieve these goals by optimizing key neurotransmitters and hormones, which are responsible for improving mood and reducing stress, which can negatively affect your life and health.*ˆˆ

ProVanax HAM-A Anxiety - Clinical Study
Clinical Study
ProVanax HAM-D Depression - Clinical Study

HOW Does It Work

ProVanax™ is the FIRST and ONLY, doctor (endocrinology) formulated, "all-in-one" organic formula which delivers clinically researched nutrients open new window that your body needs during times of stress, to help heal itself from within, resulting in optimal, youthful hormonal & neurotransmitter balance.*ˆˆ

It's non-habit forming, there are NO reported side-effects or negative drug interactions.

Enhanced Mood

Enhanced Mood

Promotes positive mood & emotional balance.

Stress Support

Stress Support

Supports a healthy response to physical & emotional stress.

Relaxation & Calm

Relaxation & Calm

Promotes relaxation, a tranquil mind & body.

Hormonal Balance

Hormonal Balance

Supports youthful and healthy hormones & neurotransmitters.

WHY I Created ProVanax™

By Dr. Sam Robbins [Tue 3/31/20]

I originally formulated ProVanax™ for myself, to help me get to sleep faster & STAY asleep throughout the night. Because of my hectic work schedule (and medical school) and my "type-A" personality (my mind is always racing), I had difficulty relaxing my body and turning OFF my mind.

Better Sleep

sleep insomnia

ProVanax™ worked GREAT and I didn't feel groggy. I woke up feeling rested, relaxed, happy and less stressed. I didn't feel overwhelmed or hopeless. It was a great feeling.

Better Mood

wake up energized and good mood

I also noticed important side BENEFITS with continued use of ProVanax™. I felt more confident, happier and had less anxiety, worry and "negative thoughts". I noticed that I worried less... I didn't feel frustrated or angry. And most importantly, I rarely had "negative dialog" in my head. *ˆˆ

Better Formula

sleep insomnia

So I continue to fine-tune & improve the formula and the end result is a scientifically researched solution with a 19+ proven formula that helps optimize:*ˆˆ

  • Dopamine - associated with pleasure and drive
  • Serotonin - linked to happiness and well-bing
  • Cortisol - a primary "stress" and "aging" hormone
  • Oxytocin - the "love hormone", a positive emotional amplifier
  • Neurotransmitters - youthful brain "chemicals" that control mood


calms mind
positive mood sleep
inflammation depression

ProVanax™ is a small convenient pill, that works like "5 products in 1" because it quickly and naturally helps support:*ˆˆ

Summary & Benefits

Minimizes Stress Hormone Production:
BENEFIT: As we all know and have heard, “stress kills” and is associated with all forms of diseases and cancers. However, we can’t control today’s, overly stressed lifestyles. Instead, we need to help manage and minimize hormonal stress production (Cortisol, Adrenaline, Norepinephrine, etc.), which can help you cope, manage and give relief to stressful situations and during times of extra stress (physical & emotional).
Promotes Dopamine Release & Sensitivity:
BENEFIT: Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that regulates mood and cognition. It’s known as the anti-aging “pleasure chemical”. It also helps improve sexual drive/desire, happiness and emotional passion. Unfortunately, dopamine production AND sensitivity both decline as we age, resulting in a decrease in mental performance (memory/cognition), less happiness and “drive”.
Supports Serotonin Production:
BENEFIT: Serotonin is sometimes called the happy chemical because it contributes to wellbeing and happiness. It helps regulate mood and social behavior, appetite and digestion, sleep, memory, and sexual desire and function. Unfortunately, due to aging and times of stress (physical and emotional), serotonin production drops dramatically, which can result in depression.
Healthier, Deeper Sleep:
BENEFIT: When it comes to sleep, most of us have two problems: (1) We don’t sleep enough and (2) we don’t sleep deeply. Thus, we are lacking in both quantity and more importantly, QUALITY of sleep – which is the most important factor for repairing the body, reduce aging and replenish neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) that control stress, worry, anxiety, depression and mood.
Optimizing Neurotransmitters:
BENEFIT: Your mood... how you feel (happy, sad, anxious, depressed, etc.), act (driven, withdrawn, excited, passionate, etc.) and even look & perform (aging, wrinkles, memory, etc.) — is strongly influenced by specific neurotransmitters — Dopamine, Serotonin, GABA, etc.). By promoting healthy levels of specific neurotransmitters, helps restore your mind to a state of calm and happiness. More importantly, this feeling is maintained even when you are faced with stressful situations.
brain hormones neurotransmitters

WHY Should I Use It?

Well, the short answer is you want a natural option with a proven track record for safety and effectiveness.

AlphaViril Ingredients

If you're like me, you DON'T want to take harmful, prescription drugs. You already know that medications will have lots of negative side-effects, they're addictive and habit-forming and they'll lead to more problems in the future —Thus, definitely NOT safe, long-term solutions.

And like most people, life-style changes probably resulted in minimal improvements in your mood, neurotransmitters and stress hormones (eating healthier, exercising more, managing stress, etc.)... or it requires dramatic and strict life-style changes that most people simply cannot stick to long-term.

This is why ProVanax™ is so popular ... because it's easy, convenient and most importantly, it works quickly!

Why "Negative" Feelings & Thoughts
May NOT Be Your Fault...

For most of us, even a single stressful event, can trap you within a cycle of negative thoughts, feelings and behavior.

Maybe something stressful happens at work,... or with the person you're in a relationship with,... or something related with money.


Thinking Negative Thoughts

This causes you to THINK negative thoughts. You start to have "negative dialog" in your head... "why me", "I can't believe this is happening again", "I can't trust anyone", "I feel totally alone" and so forth..


Feeling Negative Thoughts

Next thing you know, you're FEELING stressed, worried, anxiety, panic, frustration, anger, resentment and similar "negative" feelings. The more you think about it, the worse you feel as the day goes on.


This causes you to THINK negative thoughts. You start to have "negative dialog" in your head... "why me", "I can't believe this is happening again", "I can't trust anyone", "I feel totally alone" and so forth..

Behaving Negative Thoughts
  • You may want to cry because you feel hopeless or frustrated.
  • Or you'll yell, get angry and say or do things you don't mean, which will turn into regret.
  • Or, maybe you just hold it all inside and do or say nothing, and you want to be left alone.

It's A Negative Cycle!

All of these scenarios, turn into a negative cycle, which manifest into increasing negative hormones and chemicals, which further makes this situation even worse... And now it feels almost impossible to STOP the negative cycle.

negative cycle of stress

But It Is Your Responsibility...

We can't stop stressful events. And some of us are just more sensitive than others, because we are depleted - mentally, physically, emotionally and CHEMICALLY!

So it may not be your fault, but it IS your responsibility to STOP the negative cycle, replenish the lost chemicals, hormones and neurotransmitters. Now your body can finally heal itself, you'll be able to let go of the negativity, move forward and feel happy, confident and hopeful again.

THIS Is Why I Formulated ProVanax™!

It's like a deep, relaxing breath, and finally exhaling the day's stress and worry, ... So you can finally "find your smile" again and enjoy life, as you deserve to!

Always Smile
Feel Happy
Be Cool

How & Why Is It Better Than Other Options?

At a quick glance, ProVanax's 19+ year popularity and effectiveness — stems from the fact that it's:

herbs improve mood
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